District Governing Board
The North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District (District) is overseen by a Governing Board which establishes policy, enacts new rules and approves the annual budget.

The Governing Board appoints the District's Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO) and the District Hearing Board. The Governing Board typically meets monthly where the meeting dates and notices are posted on the Governing Board Calendar and are subject to the Brown Act. The meetings, agendas and materials are available from this website or the Clerk of the Board. If you would like to notified of upcoming Board Meetings or public events, sign up for our email list server.
The District operates on a fiscal year budgetary system which is approved by the Board. The annual budget adoption process is clearly defined by the California Health & Safety Code and includes a series of public hearings. A copy of the current budget can be obtained by contacting the District at support@ncuaqmd.org.
The District's Governing Board is comprised of five members representing the jurisdiction of the District. Four of the five members are elected officials that are appointed by the respective Board of Supervisors of the counties served, and one member is a city representative who is selected by a committee comprised of mayors of the incorporated cities that are within the District.
Current Governing Board Roster
  • Rex Bohn, Chair, Humboldt County Supervisor
  • Bill Burton, Vice-chair, Trinity County Supervisor
  • Chris Howard, Del Norte County Supervisor
  • Mike Wilson, Humboldt County Supervisor
  • City Representative, currently unfilled
Correspondence to the Governing Board
should be addressed to:
NCUAQMD Governing Board
Attn: Board Clerk
707 L Street
Eureka, CA 95501

Or electronically by clicking here.

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Friday March 23rd
Did You Know?
Pre-1990 trucks can emit two and a half times as much NOx and five times as much particulates as trucks meeting the current on-road heavy-duty engine exhaust emission standards.
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