TIMBER Grant Program
The Truck Improvement/Modernization Benefitting Emission Reductions (TIMBER) Program provides a streamlined voucher funding option to reduce emissions by replacing 2006 or older model diesel engine log trucks with 2010 or newer model diesel engine log trucks. When used to offset vehicle replacement costs, qualifying projects are eligible for up to $60,000.

The District is currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 cycle of this program. Please be advised that single owner/operators will not be eligible for TIMBER funding in 2017. This is either because they have less than one full year of surplus or because they are past the deadline to filter. Multi-vehicle fleets will be eligible to apply until funding is exhausted.

More information about the TIMBER program can be found at CARB's website.
What is the process?
You must be registered in the TRUCRS database, and have selected the Truck & Bus Regulation Log Truck Phase-In option, NOx Exempt Area option or the Small Fleet option, (registration must take place prior to January 31, 2015) prior to applying. Applicants may download the application packet from this website or request a copy from the District office.
Who can apply?
Any individual, business, public agency, or non-profit organization that is located in, or that operates within, the boundaries of the state of California. Note: Applicants are limited to a maximum of 10 TIMBER grants per fleet, per year.
What happens if my project is selected for grant funding?
If your project meets the guidelines and has no outstanding violations (2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, Chapter 4 section D.2) you and your selected dealership will be issued a Voucher.

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Pre-1990 trucks can emit two and a half times as much NOx and five times as much particulates as trucks meeting the current on-road heavy-duty engine exhaust emission standards.
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