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Air Quality Complaints

The District can be contacted for a variety of air quality-related issues - public nuisances, open burning (smoke), odors, or concerns with businesses with air quality issues. If you have a concern or complaint regarding either an air quality nuisance or source of pollution, please get in touch with the District directly at (707) 444-2233.

Fireplaces/Woodstoves in the City of Eureka

Complaints regarding fireplaces/woodstoves within the City of Eureka may be applicable to § 94.35 of the City of Eureka Municipal code, which states "it shall be unlawful for any person or corporation, or any officer thereof, to own or use any smokestack, chimney, flue, or stovepipe in the city which imperils or endangers any surrounding property by fire or which annoys the residents in the neighborhood with smoke, soot, cinders, or sparks." In addition to contacting the District, citizens with concerns may also want to contact the City of Eureka Code Enforcement Division regarding the above ordinance that may be applicable.

Smoking Vehicles

If the complaint is specifically regarding a smoking vehicle, please contact the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Smoking Vehicle Program online or the CARB Vehicle Complaint Hotline at 1-800-END-SMOG (1-800-363-7664).

Excessive Diesel Idling

Idling commercial vehicles are detrimental to California's air quality. You can help reduce the harmful air pollutants caused by idling vehicles by contacting the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Idling Report Program online or the CARB Vehicle Complaint Hotline at 1-800-END-SMOG (1-800-363-7664).

Fueling Station Pump Complaints

Complaints regarding gasoline pumps can be directed to the general California Air Resources Board (CARB) Complaint and Compliance Assistance Hotline online or at 1-800-952-5588.

CalEPA System to Help Californians Report Environmental Problems

The California Environmental Protection Agency launched an online tool that makes it easier for the public to report environmental problems anywhere in the state from their smartphones, tablets, and computers.