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Public Records Request

The public may obtain copies of North Coast Air Quality Management District records by submitting a request to the District, pursuant to the California Public Records Request Act (Government Code Sec. 6250 et seq.)

Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. The District's Public Records Request form can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to the District. You will be contacted within ten (10) days of receipt and notified of record availability.

Some records are not public information and are therefore exempt from disclosure. Examples of these records include: pending litigation, open enforcement issues, records protected by attorney client privilege, and records containing trade secrets.

Request processing times may vary depending on the amount of records requested and research required to locate the records. Please note that, in most cases, the more specific your request, the shorter the processing time. The District strives to disclose records as promptly as possible and without delay.

Record Inspection and Viewing

Once the District has determined it has disclosable records pertaining to your request you will have the choice of viewing the records in our office or having records sent to you.

To view records in our office we request that an appointment is made so a member of our staff will be available to assist you. Records may not be removed from our office and may not be photographed without prior approval. Should you require copies of any records, you will be required to pay for duplication.

To have records sent to you, you will be required to provide either a valid email address or mailing address. There is no cost for records existing in a digital format to be sent in a digital format (email). To have records mailed to you, all associated duplication costs must be received before the records will be sent. The District does not charge postage for US Mail.


The cost of record duplication is $2.00 for the first page and then $0.25 cents per page after that. There is no cost for records that exist in a digital format that can be provided to the requester in a digital format. There is also no cost to have records emailed to you, as long as the records already exist digitally. The District may charge for digitizing records only available in a hard copy format, should the request cause the District to incur staff time.

Prior to any record duplication or digitizing, the requesting party will be provided an estimate for these costs. Records will not be released until payment of these costs have been received.

For more information on document fees see District Rule 403 and our current Fee Schedule for duplication of District records.

Forms and Additional Resources

If you have questions, please contact the District at (707) 443-3093 or