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Current Air Quality Maps & AQI

Current AQI Notifications (PSA's, Advisories, Alerts) & Forecasts:

NCUAQMD issued AQI Notifications (PSA's, Advisories, Alerts) and forecasts during wildfires for the public, press, and schools.

Wildfire Smoke AQI Maps & Forecasts:

"Realtime" AQ Maps & AQI:

  • EPA AirNow (Realtime AQI)
  • . [Select "Monitors - PM (PM2.5 & PM10)" & "Contours - PM2.5", then zoom in ("Ozone & PM" will show No Data/ND, as Eureka/Humboldt has a PM10 monitor)]. The "current" AQI indicated is actually a 24-hour NowCast average.
  • PM2.5 Sensors Map (PurpleAir) website (use "US EPA" conversion factor) Unofficial citizen-science air quality data from low-cost sensors. Although sensors provide shorter-term air quality data, they should not be used for official air quality readings as they have reliability and accuracy limitations. The AQI indicated is not based upon District regulatory monitors (see EPA AirNow above). Ensure the Map Data Layer dialogue box in the lower left-hand corner is "US EPA" rather than "None" for the most accurate correction factor. Check out the EPA Air Sensor Toolbox.