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Public Notices

Current Public Notices:

  • There are no current Public Notices
  • If you received a School Proximity Notice, please click here.

As a governmental agency, the District is required by various regulations to inform or "notice" the public before certain decisions or actions are considered or will be taken. The notice informs citizens of their right to review documents and how to provide input prior to final actions or decisions. Comments may be submitted either verbally or in writing. To be considered, they must be submitted during the comment period (usually 30 days) or at the public hearing if one is held. Requests for a public hearing must be made during the initial comment period (initial 30 days).

The District actively encourages public participation in the decision-making process by advertising in newspapers of daily circulation, and by maintaining mailing lists of interested persons. Persons on these lists are notified, by standard mail or via our email list server, of the opportunity to comment on a project.

Please contact District staff at (707) 443-3093 for additional information on a specific project, or to be added to our general notification list. You may also complete the form below. 

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