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Woodsmoke Reduction Pilot Program

The application period for the current funding cycle has ended, and selections have been made. At this time, the District is not accepting applications for the Woodsmoke Reduction Program. If you wish to receive program announcements and updates or would like to receive an application when they become available, please complete the Woodstove Contact Form.

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The Woodsmoke Reduction Program will offer financial incentives for homeowners to replace old, inefficient, and highly polluting wood stoves, wood inserts, or fireplaces with cleaner-burning and more efficient home heating devices. The incentive amount will vary depending on the location of the residence and the household income. The Woodsmoke Reduction Program is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment.

Who can apply?

All residents of Del Norte, Humboldt, and Trinity Counties who use an uncertified wood-burning device as their primary source of heat are eligible to apply. The incentive amount will depend on where the property is located and Applicant’s household income, with some households qualifying for near-full replacement cost. Applicants residing in a census tract identified as a disadvantaged or low-income community can qualify for an enhanced incentive. Applicants residing outside of a census tract identified as a disadvantaged or low-income community who can demonstrate low-income eligibility based on household income can also qualify for enhanced incentives. All other Applicants are eligible for a standard incentive.

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Incentive Amounts

  • Standard Incentive Amount - $2,000
  • Enhanced Incentive - $5,000

What is the process?

Applications for vouchers will be accepted once funding has been received each cycle year. Once the application period is closed, the District will qualify applications and place them on a list from which vouchers will be given. Based on the order of this list, vouchers will be awarded until funds are exhausted. At the end of each funding cycle, the applicant pool is refreshed.

What if my project is selected?

You will be notified of approval to participate in the program and will be required to schedule an in-home estimate with a participating Installer and/or Vendor. The Installer will verify the existing stove’s eligibility and present an estimate for installation. You will have 30 days to complete the in-home estimate and device eligibility process. The program can pay for the cost associated with the purchase and installation of a "basic model" of new heating device. A "basic model" of heating device is considered to be a device that will adequately heat the square footage of the residence required, and include no decorative upgrades.

Once approved, you will be issued a voucher for the approved incentive amount. Installation must be completed by a licensed contractor with a valid building permit within 90 days of the Voucher being issued. You may only select vendors and installers found on the participating list. Supporting documentation for complete installation and existing device scrapping must be received by the District within 10 days of project completion.

Eligible New Devices Include:

  • EPA Certified wood stove or wood insert with emission rates not to exceed 4.5 grams/hour (non-catalytic) and 2.5 grams/hour (catalytic)
  • Natural gas stove or insert
  • Propane gas stove or insert
  • Pellet stove or insert
  • Electric Heat Pump

Vendors and Installers

Applicants are required to use Vendors and Installers who are under contract with the District to participate in the program. If you intend to have clients who participate in this grant, you must have an agreement with the District and be on our participating Vendor/Installer list. Application forms and eligibility information can be found below.

Application & Forms

Reimbursement Package Checklist, 11-19.pdfCertificate of Disposal.pdfAcknowledgement of Training Form.pdfPre-Inspection and In home estimate.pdfInstaller Certification Form.pdfVendor Application, 11-19.pdf

Additional Documents

Woodsmoke Program - InstallerVendor List for YR2.pdfInstaller Requirements & Eligibilty Factsheet.pdfVendor Requirements & Eligibility Factsheet.pdfWoodsmoke Program Guidelines_2018_2019 Appropriation.pdfWoodsmoke Program P&P YR2_signed.pdf

Helpful Links and Information

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